The Cassette Sound

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'The Cassette Sound', the latest from Rough-cut Entertainment, is an original concept for the modern Reggae dancehall scene. The Cassette sound system was designed to be compact, portable and clash worthy.

Sean 'DJ Rough' Todd created his original idea to build miniature sound systems that must play cassettes. The idea was born out of the love for the warm cassette 'sound', which has been loss since the introduction of CD's. Finding old or new cassette players are easy just search.

Designed to promote ingenuity and creativity, the cassette sound allows people from all levels of society to design and construct a miniature sound system which sounds like a BIG SOUND. It must be able to compete in a sound clash, having similar abilities to regular Sound systems. The electronics can be as simple or complicated as necessary, one of the biggest challenge is the size constraints. Equipment configuration must be planned and designed to maximize the space. the Cassette sound allows anyone on a budget to build a Sound from used equipment and creativity. In the end it comes down to the music.

LION CUB is the 1st of the Cassette Sounds it is has all the capabilities and components of any Big Sound. Equipped with Multiple Amps, Mixer, Crossovers, EQ, Mics and various secret electronics including a Cassette player, '...this is not a toy, yuh playing with a Rough little SOUND...'. A grassroots movement, LION CUB was designed for small venues / gatherings. A throw back to car sounds.

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The Concept

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Imagine a neighborhood where individuals / groups with limited resources and funds can build a box from scrap if needed.

  • Compete once a week or whenever it is practical.
  • Each competitor pays an entrance fee
  • The winner walks away with 70% of the total, runner up gets 30%.



  • 5 sounds at $2,000 entrance fee.
  • The winner walks away with $7000.

This can be a great revenue generator for the common man. Of course there will be those who spend a ton on their sound but like all sound clashes it's all about the music. Different categories / weight class are planned maybe 3 different sizes with different entrance fees.



The following rules apply to the current iteration of the Cassette Sound system.

  1. Maximum size: 24" x 24" x 24" Box (can be smaller)
  2. MUST play Cassettes for specific time during clash
  3. Sound Quality
  4. All equipment MUST fit in the Box maximum size. (Amps, EQ, crossover, speakers etc.)
  5. Power Supply can be external to Box
  6. Appearance
  7. Musical Selections


The seven rules listed above will be awarded a point system out of 100

  • 50 points for Sound Quality, Musical Selections
  • 30 points for Cassette play
  • 20 points for appearance including size.



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